Human TCRsafe®

Samples for T-cell analysis often contain only small amounts of relevant genomic DNA. As a consequence, prior to sequencing massive amplification by PCR is necessary, which increases the risk of contamination by foreign DNA. HSDiagnomics uses a sophisticated and unique 2-step PCR approach with inbuilt contamination protection, which efficiently eliminates DNA contaminations both during PCR and/or during sequence analysis.

Employing a synthetic TCRbeta reference template, all primers (43 V-segment- and 14 J-segment-primers) are carefully calibrated to allow even amplification rates for all possible V/J-combinations.

Currently, TCRsafe® is available as part of our service packages for TCRbeta-profiling in cancer and autoimmune diseases. Interested customers are welcome to contact us for more details in advance.

Mouse TCRsafe®

There are strong interests by researchers in academic and industry labs to perform analysis of T-cell response under various treatments in the mouse model system.

HSDiagnomics addresses these needs by a proprietary mouse TCRsafe® service package. It comprises a thoroughly optimized quantitative TCRbeta analysis, which is equipped with the same contamination protection system as the human TCRsafe® kit. Standard samples (DNA, blood) as well as accurately formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue can be analyzed.

Examples for TCRbeta analyses in thymi of 5 wildtype (C57Bl/6) mice are given here and the optimization of the quantitative TCRbeta analysis employing an synthetic reference template has been published here.

Interested customers are welcome to contact us for more details.