• Upon antigen-recognition via specific T-cell receptors, T-cells kill infected cells and cancer cells
  • HS Diagnomics accurately analyzes T-cell receptor profiles and identifies tumor-specific T-cell receptors
  • TCRsafe™: Get the sequence space of T-cell receptors, base by base

Our company

was founded in 2012 and specializes in quantitative T-cell receptor beta (TCRbeta / CDR3) profiling by ultra-deep sequencing. With our proprietary TCRsafe® technology, tested and optimized in thousands of samples, we can display the T-cell receptor beta repertoire in blood and tissue samples in maximal resolution, up to the single-cell level and up to every single nucleotide and translated peptide of the TCR. Within days, our customers will receive a molecular view of TCRbeta profiles, a key to understanding the adaptive immune system. Moreover, our TCRsafe® procedure allows the simultaneous analysis of cohorts of samples, with detailed overlap analysis – a cutting-edge tool for systematic studies of the adaptive immune system­­.

Our mission

and our offer to the market is a robust and integrated service to explore TCRbeta profiles in maximal resolution for humans and mice. Our customers send us the samples, the rest of the procedure is carried out by us. Our experienced team of molecular biologists, technicians and bioinformaticians will deliver quantitative TCRbeta-profiles comprising thousands of clonotypes, which are characterized by their V- and J-segment usage and their complementary determining 3 region (CDR3). All results are displayed in compact tables, which can be easily managed by customers and detailed reports will document every relevant result of our analysis. We believe that our T-cell profiling technology will open a new field of diagnostics and medicine, with key features of individual immune responses in the context of various diseases being uncovered. Moreover, making use of our proprietary technology for detection of tumor-specific TCRs, HSDiagnomics is partnering in projects aiming at the targeted discovery of tumor antigens or implementing TCR-repertoire dynamics as biomarkers.

Our technology

is based on a two-step PCR-amplification with proprietary primer systems, which quantitatively amplify TCRbeta specific regions directly from genomic DNA. With an inbuilt 2-fold carry-over contamination protection, our TCRsafe® protocol is superior to competing technologies. Following state of the art deep-sequencing, HSDiagnomics uses in-house developed bioinformatics tools to condense millions of raw sequence reads to decode highly diverse individual TCR repertoires. The resulting TCR profiles can be harnessed for different applications, such as biomarker discovery, identification of tumor-specific TCRs for immunotherapy or TCR cluster analysis for antigen discovery.